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Noa Meidan

If you’re a client of Berlad Graham, you are our first priority

Added by Berlad Graham
December 13, 2016

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If you’re Solicitor tells you they ‘can’t’ do something because of being out of the office or away from their desk, they have clearly not created a system to be truly and fully customer focused.  The Partners of Berlad Graham have done this so there is no unnecessary delay on progressing your matter.  The Partners of Berlad Graham were traveling back from Telford, having been to see one of their expert Family Law Consultants, and an urgent payment was required to complete a conveyancing transaction.  We were not perturbed by this because we know we have set up the firm to ensure our customers’ needs, genuinely, come first.  I created a wifi hotspot on the M40 in the car using my phone (I wasn’t driving), logged onto the case management system and the bank on my laptop and sent a sizeable payment to complete the transaction.  What does that mean?  First of all, it meant that the client was not sitting outside the property with furniture in the van waiting to move into their new home; secondly, it showed that if you’re a client of Berlad Graham, you are our first priority.

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