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You deserve happiness

Added by Berlad Graham
May 11, 2020

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A key element of happiness depends upon your closest loving relationships.

Being forced into lockdown during these turbulent, uncertain times has highlighted
(brought sharply into focus) and may have exacerbated:

  • relationship issues
  • mental health issues
  • increased financial worries,
  • child care issues
  • substance abuse (drugs or alcohol, etc.)
  • lack of intimacy and love
  • an increase in domestic violence (this includes verbal abuse, controlling and
  • coercive behaviour, financial abuse as well as physical abuse)

People are, naturally anxious, depressed and bored and may therefore become
deeply unhappy.

Relationships which were fragile to begin with, being bombarded by financial and
personal strains and the Coronavirus crisis itself will mean these relationships are
not likely to survive.

Previously, people who have experienced underlying problems in their relationship
would have used work or friends or even a lover to sustain the marriage and avoid
the reality, but in the absence of these distractions, the remainder is not good and
can cause a permanent rift.

If this resonates with you be assured that it is still possible to start divorce
proceedings now, as hearings can be made virtually, so you do not have to feel
trapped in an unhappy marriage. Any financial settlement would be based on the
value of the assets as they are at the time of the hearing (it may be 12 months

Child arrangements orders are still in place even during the pandemic, so children
are able to see their parents. If however a member of the household does fall ill,
then FaceTime/Zoom/Skype/WhatsApp etc., can still be used by the non-resident
parent and the children so that contact continues during the 14 day self isolation

If you recognise any of these problems in your marriage or civil partnership and want to take the first step in restoring happiness in your life, then take some legal advice before proceeding any further. We are a firm that empathises with you, listens
carefully to your individual circumstances and needs and have a highly personal,
straightforward and successful approach to these sensitive matters.

For an informal, no obligation chat, contact us at Berlad Graham Solicitors.