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‘Will you civil partnership me?’

Added by Berlad Graham
October 12, 2018

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Jenny and Peter have been dating for some time; they both felt that they had found their soul mate. They decided to go for a special dinner at a nice restaurant. Steve had not realised the potential significance of the date; being 29 February. During a lovely evening both had expressed their love for each other and how they saw their future together. Suddenly Jenny went down on one knee and said to Peter ‘Will you civil partnership me?

Well, Peter was a bit shocked as he was planning to ask Jenny to marry him and really didn’t know what the difference was so couldn’t reply.

Fortunately his solicitor, Christine McNeish of Berlad Graham was at hand and she explained that although the law had not changed yet, it was about to so that same sex couples can enter into a civil partnership rather than marriage. She explained to Peter that really, from a legal perspective, there was no difference other than historically marriage reflected a religious and proprietary relationship, where as a civil partnership seemed to reflect the equality of today’s modern couples. Indeed many other countries offer civil partnerships as well as a marriage ceremony. In short it was a question of  personal choice.

Christine did mention that if the relationship broke down then the effect in respect of sharing the assets would be the same whichever ceremony they chose. She recommended a Pre-Nuptial Agreement to protect both parties current assets.

Peter and Jenny now have options in cementing their relationship and making it legal.

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