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Whiplash Reforms 2021

Added by Berlad Graham
June 9, 2021

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At the beginning of the year the Ministry of Justice announced that the new Whiplash Reforms 2021 will come into effect from 31st May 2021. These reforms change the personal injury claims process for those wishing to pursue claims as a result of road traffic accidents. This means that the amount of compensation a claimant will receive and a claimant’s access to legal assistance will both be impacted.  The accident victim will be required to pay for their legal representation, which may be prohibitive in lower value cases.

The reforms are intended to reduce the number of fraudulent claims.

Accidents that occur after the 31st May 2021 will need to have a claim limit of £5,000.00 for injuries and commence via the new online portal – The Official injury portal. Claimants will be required to bring forward their own claims with or without legal representation. However, vulnerable road users including children, pedestrians, cyclists and motorcyclists will be exempt from the small claims limit and will remain at £1,000.00.

However, if you have an ongoing case, your claim for injury is worth more than £5,000.00 or were involved in an accident before the 31st May 2021 – the new reforms will not impact on your case. For further information, please contact the author below.