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Supreme Court Clarifies The Law On School Absenteeism

Added by Berlad Graham
April 6, 2017

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Today Judgement was handed down in a case which confirmed whether it was illegal to take your children out of school during term time.

The case concerned Mr Platt who took his daughter out of school for a week to go on holiday to Florida.

He argued that as his daughter’s record of attendance was excellent  there would be no effect on her schooling and there was no reason for the school to refuse permission.

The court disagreed and confirmed that only under exceptional circumstances would a parent be allowed to take their child out of school.

They reasoned that taking a child out of school during term time not only disrupted their education but those of others  and gave the teaching staff more work to ensure the child caught up.

They made the point that attendance at school is vitally important and 100% attendance is the goal.

Parents will be naturally disappointed with this decision but it now means the law is clarified not only for schools but for parents.