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Are you “Stellar” and should you retain more of your money in a divorce?

Added by Berlad Graham
December 20, 2016

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It’s Christmas and I know I should be shopping for presents and thinking about Christmas lunch but for a Family Solicitor exciting things are happening in  court.

For example…The press have just reported the case of Randy Work and Mandy Gray whereby the multi-millionaire Mr Work was ordered to hand over half his fortune to his wife.

The parties had been married a long time and the Judge decided both had equally contributed to the marriage so the assets should be divided equally.  The husband has appealed on the ground that it was he who created all the wealth so his wife should not be entitled to a  half-share.  The court has granted permission for him to appeal so watch this space.

If he is to succeed he will need to show that in creating the family’s wealth his contribution was “Stellar”.  This means he needs to show he was so much more than just an astute businessman.  The court will need to fine tune the interpretation of what is a ”Stellar” contribution and that may have implications for many self-made millionaires.

Are you concerned about what you might ‘walk away with’ after your financial settlement?  Do you feel you have not achieved the correct settlement in your divorce?

Contact me, details below, to discuss it further.

It seems appropriate that we are discussing stars at this time of year so I wish that all my current clients and future clients have a very merry Christmas and a happy 2017.