What our Consultants say

I have had a very long, incredibly difficult family law case. Nikki has been the epitome of everything I could have hoped my solicitor would be. She is incredibly supportive and is not afraid to be brutally honest with me also which is required. From the bottom of my heart. Thank you for understanding and standing with me in my most difficult time.


I thoroughly enjoy working at Berlad Graham.

I enjoy the independence and freedom of working at BG, and the set up meets with my needs. I have the freedom to work as much as I like. I find that the flexibility allows me to work in much better and provide a conducive environment and as a result I feel that I am thriving in offering the best service to my clients.

I have a good and manageable caseload and the benefits are those which I have not previously had the opportunity to enjoy in my career.

I consider that working at Berlad Graham as a consultant has been the best move in my career development and I am very pleased with my decision.

I would recommend working at Berlad Graham and for my colleagues to also enjoy the experience of working in such an excellent and beneficial environment. Working at Berlad Graham offers the opportunities to work to your full potential and with the added benefit of support from the team and management.

Taslim Khan

It was with some trepidation that in 2015 I left my well-paid job with a prestigious law firm to join Berlad Graham as a Consultant. My concerns were that I had no clients and no income, a mortgage to feed and of course myself! I shouldn’t have worried. I soon attracted clients by networking and with support from Berlad Graham.

I found the flexible way of working so refreshing and it gave me such a sense of freedom that I really began to enjoy my life and my work. I even earned more money than with my previous firm.

Since joining I have been promoted to Head of the Family Department and soon after offered a Partnership.

I understand that Consultancy is not for everyone, but I would recommend anyone to give it a try, you have nothing to lose and everything to gain.

Christine McNeish
Head of Family

After losing my mum, I re-evaluated the importance of having flexibility around the times and places that I work. It remains important to me that I have the freedom to spend time with my family and friends without the constraints of 9-5, office-based working. Berlad Graham has allowed me exactly that. I can work from wherever I am, at times that suit me and my clients- allowing me to make time for all of the important people in my life. This has become even more important since the birth of my daughter in January 2021. The bonus is that, whilst initially I simply wanted to match my previous salary, I am also now earning considerably more than I ever have during my career as a solicitor. I am so glad that I made the jump from traditional employment.

Laura Harper
Head of Residential Conveyancing

I joined Berlad Graham Solicitors as I wanted a better work-life balance. I can say that I have received that. Not only do I get to decide the amount of hours I work in a day, but I also get to decide when and how I work. The work-life balance has been great, it gives me a chance to actually work on my clients’ demands and make sure that their needs are met to the best of my ability. I can focus on the work that I am doing for my clients, rather than worrying about the managerial process.

Fiona Bee
Consultant Solicitor

I started working as a self employed consultant with Berlad Graham over 3.5 years ago. I can honestly say it was the best decision for me. I no longer have to be concerned with school pick ups, drop offs, time off for half term or any other commitments that I might have. I have the flexibility to be able to work to my own schedule, wherever I want with huge support from the Hub and our admin staff. I would recommend becoming a consultant with BG to anyone who would prefer a better work-life balance with unlimited earning potential. It’s definitely been one of the best decisions I’ve ever made.

Tuyyabah Amjid
Consultant Lawyer

I am so glad I made the decision to join the team. Berlad Graham is simply that, a Team. It doesn’t matter of your ranking in the company, everyone is treated the same. In regard to hybrid remote working, this is the future! In my 18 years in the legal sector, I have always been based in an office working 9-5. By working from home remotely, I get a more work/life balance which is positive and I can also offer more flexibility to clients. Some clients also work 9-5 and are unable to communicate with you between those times so it helps to be able to assist them out of the usual working hours and then take the time back when you need to be absent. I look forward to many more years with Berlad Graham and would recommend it to anyone.

Alex Holdsworth

Working at Berlad Graham is liberating – I can organise my home schedule more efficiently around my work commitments and vice-versa. To work remotely for a firm that was doing it long before anyone else means that BG is set up to help, assist and promote consultant solicitors who are happiest working from home and managing their own time. The firm really is cutting-edge and yet traditional in its understanding of its consultants, especially if you have family commitments that fall outside of normal working hours (and sometimes within!).

Jerry Wilson
Consultant Solicitor

Having worked in traditional ‘high-street’ firms before, I find the benefits to working the way that Berlad Graham does so much better. Not only that but I have been given the opportunity to advance my career and training, plus the support I receive from The Hub is second to none. Thanks to the way BG operate and for the team I have around me, I am able to offer a good service to my clients which in the fast-paced world of Conveyancing is an absolute must.

Claire Gallacher

I joined BG in March 2021 as a self-employed Consultant and honestly, it has been a game changer for me. The model allows me to just get on with my work when I want and how I want giving me control and flexibility. What’s more, the seemingly lack of presence in the office is seamlessly taken care of by the hub with administrative and professional support. I’d say it’s a win-win!

Samina Aslam
Consultant Solicitor