Everyone should have a Will. No matter your age, financial status or health, a Will is essential to ensuring that your wishes are carried out when you die. Writing a Will allows you to have control over your money and possessions and saves time, money and stress for your loved ones during a difficult time. If you die without a Will (intestate), there are specific rules that dictate how your property is distributed, which might not be according to your wishes, so creating a Will is essential.

The benefits of having a Will:

  • Ensures your estate goes to the right people.
  • Saves money, time, and stress.
  • Lowers the potential for future disputes.
  • Gives clarity to arrangements for any children, pets and possessions.
  • Allows you to support your favourite causes and leave a legacy.

Perhaps the biggest benefit of writing a Will is gaining peace of mind. Our dedicated team at Berlad Graham LLP are here to help by offering specialist advice on all aspects of Will writing and maintenance. To speak to our friendly team, please call 0330 175 5655 or email info@bglaw.co.uk.

Our experienced solicitors carefully assess what information is required and ensure the Will is fully comprehensive, meeting your wishes.

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A variety of life events might affect your Will, including divorce, separation or buying or selling a house. When this happens, you should instruct a solicitor to assist you. Your Will should always reflect your assets in their most current state so that, should anything happen, your wishes are adequately reflected.

Berlad Graham LLP can also offer legal services and advice relating to family matters, including divorce and separation, and property matters, including buying and selling a property. Therefore, we can support you through all legal transactions.

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Whether drafting your Will for the first time or amending it following an alteration of your circumstances, Berlad Graham LLP’s experienced and knowledgeable private client solicitors can carefully advise and support you, ensuring that your wishes are met and your loved one’s best interests are considered.

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We have lawyers based all over England and the UK, as well as in Spain, Dubai, and Israel, ensuring that help is close at hand.

Wills and Inheritance Quality Accreditation



Berlad Graham LLP is proud to hold the Wills and Inheritance Quality Scheme (WIQS) accreditation as awarded by The Law Society. This accreditation demonstrates that:

  • We have the expertise to deliver Wills and inheritance advice.
  • We use standardised processes to recognise and reduce risks.
  • We educate clients about what to expect when buying Wills and inheritance advice.