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It is crucial for any business that any disputes that happen between employer and employee are resolved swiftly. At Berlad Graham LLP, we always seek to ensure that disputes are resolved before an employee commences Employment Tribunal proceedings and can advise you of alternative dispute resolution practices with that goal in mind.

A Settlement Agreement is a valuable tool that employers can use. It is a legally binding contract between employer and employee that ends employment on specified terms. Settlement Agreements are most commonly used when making employees redundant, though they can also be used in other situations.

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A Settlement Agreement takes away an employee’s rights to make a claim in a Court or a Tribunal in exchange for various payments.

For a Settlement Agreement to be legally binding, it must meet several requirements:

  • The Settlement Agreement must be in writing.
  • It must relate to particular proceedings (the types of claims the employee might be able to bring).
  • It must contain a statement that the legal requirements have been met.

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Settlement Agreements are usually used to end an employment relationship by avoiding long, drawn-out processes like redundancies or a performance review. However, they can also be used to settle disputes while an employee is still employed, or to settle claims already issued at the Employment Tribunal. They are usually confidential.

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Settlement Agreement Redundancy

A Settlement Agreement should include a full breakdown of any payments due to the employee and whether any sums will be paid free of tax. Payments might include:

  • Compensation for Loss of Office.
  • Notice Payment.
  • Bonus and Commission.
  • Pension and Settlement Agreements.
  • Medical and Life Insurance.

It should also include the terms under which such payments are made and might include the following:

  • Gardening leave.
  • Confidentiality.
  • Post-termination restraints.

It is crucial that a Settlement Agreement is carefully considered, professionally negotiated and properly drafted to avoid any potential problems at a later stage. We would strongly recommend that anyone thinking of issuing a Settlement Agreement seeks expert legal advice at the earliest opportunity.

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Berlad Graham LLP’s team of experienced employment lawyers can advise employers of businesses of all shapes and sizes on the full effect and meaning of the typical terms found in Settlement Agreements. We can assist in negotiations with employees and will always look to reach an agreement in your best interests.

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