Private Client

Wills drafting tailored to your individual needs and circumstances

Will drafting is not limited to ‘terminology’ but in fact requires a thorough analysis of all your financial matters and personal circumstances to ensure that your Will is tailored to your individual needs.

Our expert solicitors are able to assess what information is required, consider estate planning and ensure the Will is fully comprehensive so that your wishes are effectively carried out and no stone is left unturned.

Every individual and estate is different and should be considered carefully by a legal expert. Our experts can advise on the following:

  • Consideration of your family tree – your family tree may reveal legal issues which you might not be aware of and would only be apparent to an expert.
  • Will drafting & Estate planning – we can assist with estate planning to maximise your financial position and save Inheritance tax in accordance with the law.
  • Protecting those you care for – whether this person is a partner who you live with, a family member or a person you look after.
  • Guardianship for minor children – this is your responsibility as a parent. We can ensure that your children are taken care of in unforeseen circumstances and that an appropriate guardian has been appointed. This may be particularly relevant if you recently relocated to the UK and your family are abroad.
  • Trustees and executors – we can advise you as to their roles and who you should instruct.
  • Understanding the world we live in – it is vital to understand and be aware of how to deal with your worldwide assets, do you require one Will or numerous? We can also advise as to changes in the law and the effect of forced heirship rules.
  • Digital assets – we will advise you how to protect and handle your Digital assets.
  • Inheritance and Disinheriting – we can assist in ensuring that your last wishes are carried out.
  • Intestacy rules – we will advise you as to how your estate will be devolved if you failed to record your wishes.
  • Codicils – we can advise you as to their importance and consider whether to have a new Will altogether.

Administration of Estate after death

We deal with probate applications and administration of estates. We advise executors and administrators about their duties and deal with all aspects of administration including:

  • Inheritance tax reliefs and negotiations with HM Revenue & Customs;
  • Estates with conditionally exempt property and/or chattels;
  • Estates with assets abroad;
  • Estates including complex intestacies;
  • Dealing with multiple jurisdictions.
  • Preparing administration accounts and income tax returns on behalf of executors

Court of Protection

We can assist with:

  • Applications for Lasting Power of Attorney
  • Deputyship applications
  • Protecting vulnerable clients

Contentious probate

  • In simple terms, is a disagreement about the distribution of the deceased estate.
  • You may feel there is something wrong with the Will or the Will didn’t leave you what you felt you deserved or were promised. You may even have concerns about the way in which the administration of the estate is handled.
  • We combine the wealth of knowledge and expertise Liora Torn-Hibler has in Private Client Law with that of Raanan Berlad in litigation to resolve any disputes concerning the administration of estate.

Please feel free to contact us and discuss your concerns. Get in touch if any of these circumstances seem familiar:

  • You feel excluded from a Will or you dispute the interpretation of the Will
  • You feel your share as a beneficiary has been compromised
  • You may have a claim on the estate as a dependent of the deceased
  • You feel concerned about the way the administration and distribution of the estate is being handled
  • You dispute the valuation of the Assets
  • You wish to defend a claim brought against you or an estate in which you may have an interest

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