Immigration is one of the most complex areas of law and one of the most difficult to navigate. Rules and regulations change frequently, and UK policy is becoming more stringent, meaning that the process can feel overwhelming for individuals looking to come to the UK.

Often, individuals looking to move to the UK to work, study, or join a family member have a range of immigration options open to them. At Berlad Graham LLP, we help clients determine the best course of action for their particular circumstances and advise how to secure the visa they need.

We understand the importance of ensuring a Visa Application is successful. Our dedicated team of lawyers has many years of experience in the UK immigration system, and we will put together the most robust case possible on your behalf.

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Immigration Services For Individuals

Berlad Graham LLP, offers a full range of immigration advice for individuals, including the following:

  • Naturalisation and citizenship.
  • Indefinite Leave to Remain.
  • Renewal of current leave (extension/variation).
  • Visas for dependants.
  • EU Settlement Scheme (out-of-time applications if there are merits, as the scheme closed in June 2021).
  • Visas for EU citizens.
  • Partner/Spouse visas.
  • Fianc√©(e) or proposed civil partner visas.
  • Ancestry visas.
  • Entrepreneur visas and start-up visas (formerly called Tier 1 visas).
  • Skilled worker visas (formerly referred to as Tier 2 visas).
  • Student visas and child student visas (formerly Tier 4 visas).
  • Seasonal worker visas (the old Tier 5 visas).
  • Visa extensions and renewals.

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Expert Immigration Legal Advice In West London

We can also advise on the next steps to be taken should you have a visa application refused. This could involve preparing a new application and pulling together the necessary documentation or submitting an appeal with evidence supporting your claim.

We provide expert legal representation, including at the First-Tier Immigration and Asylum Chamber and the Upper Tribunal Immigration and Asylum Chamber, if you have been granted permission to appeal.


Multilingual Lawyers In West London

As well as exceptional legal knowledge, we are also known for the high service standards we provide to our clients. We will ensure you have the support and guidance you need and make sure that we are available to speak to you to answer any questions you may have.

We represent clients worldwide, and our immigration solicitors speak many languages. These include Italian, Polish, Romanian, Hebrew, and Pashtu, meaning we can talk to you in your native language. This can be highly beneficial in ensuring that all the information in a visa application is correct.

If one of our immigration team does not speak your native language, an interpreter can be instructed.

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