Equine Law

At Berlad Graham LLP, we have a team dedicated to equine law to help clients deal with the diverse legal issues involved in the sale, purchase and ownership of horses and associated activities. Most of our equine lawyers are themselves keen riders, which gives them a real insight into the unique challenges and needs faced by horse owners, breeders and suppliers.

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Experienced Equine Lawyer

The equine industry can essentially be divided into two parts:

  • Activities based on the use, possession or ownership of horses (core activities).
  • Suppliers of horse-related goods and services for those core activities (providers to the core).

According to the British Equestrian Trade Association (BETA), there are around 27 million people in Britain with an interest in the equestrian industry. This is not just the horse riders themselves but also includes those involved with horses in other capacities, such as commercial breeders, riding schools, and suppliers of goods and services, including farriery, feed supply and vets.


Specialist Equestrian Solicitor

The equine team at Berlad Graham LLP are experts in the equestrian field and can advise on any issues you might face. If you are involved in the equine industry and need some specialist legal advice, please don’t hesitate to contact our team. You can reach us over the phone on 0330 175 5655 or via email at

We act for a wide range of clients, including professional riders, livery yard owners, breeders, vets and dealers. Our team of specialist equine lawyers also advise equestrian clubs, associations and governing bodies on various issues, such as disciplinary tribunals, employment, dispute resolution and property matters.


Equine Law Solicitors

Equine law may be viewed by some as niche, but it encompasses a wide range of legal areas, ranging from personal injury and property disputes to insurance and contract law.

We can provide legal advice and assistance in all areas relating to equine law, including:

  • The purchase and sale of equestrian property and land.
  • Equestrian business tenancies.
  • Agreements for livery and grazing.
  • Horse sale and purchase contracts.
  • Drafting and advising on loan agreements.
  • Disputes relating to the purchase and sale of horses.
  • Construction disputes for riding schools and stables.
  • Liabilities or entitlements in respect of riding accidents.
  • Veterinary negligence.

Horse riding is a popular pastime in the UK, with BETA estimating that the economic value of the equestrian sector is around £4.7bn of consumer spending across a wide range of goods and services each year. With this comes more demand for professional legal advice from those familiar with the environment riders and horse owners operate in.

Berlad Graham LLP has solicitors all over the UK, as well as in Spain, Dubai, and Israel, so there is always someone close at hand to help with any issues. We pride ourselves on being specialists and can advise on all the finer points of law relating to the equestrian industry.


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