Dispute Resolution

There are a variety of reasons why someone might face a dispute. Cases of this nature can be distressing, overwhelming and often expensive to resolve if not dealt with correctly or swiftly. Therefore, seeking the instruction of an experienced and regulated legal professional is vital. Your solicitor should ensure that you are fully aware of the risks involved with pursuing your matter (whether as the claimant or the defendant) and advise on the legal process, costs and most likely outcome.

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Solicitor for Civil Dispute

At Berlad Graham, we have extensive experience assisting clients in various civil dispute matters. Our team can support both claimants and defendants in the following scenarios:


Landlord and Tenant.

Disputes might include:

    • Service charges and insurance disputes.
    • Possession claims.
    • Leasehold valuation tribunal.
    • Recovery of rent.
    • Disrepair claims.
    • Dealing with notices.


Property and Land.

Disputes might include:

    • Neighbours’ disputes.
    • Party wall agreements.
    • Trespass.
    • Ownership disputes.
    • Forcing a sale.
    • Land borders disputes.
    • Charging orders.


Contractual Disputes.

Disputes might include:

    • Enforcing a contract.
    • Claiming damages.


Commercial Litigation.

Disputes with or between companies.


Construction Disputes.

Disputes concerning building projects.


Professional Negligence.

Disputes might involve:

    • Professional or general negligence.
    • Nuisance.
    • Occupiers’ liability.
    • Personal injury.
    • Defamation.
    • Vicarious liability.
    • Economic tort.


Banking, Finance and Securities.

Disputes might involve:

    • Banking.
    • Finance and securities.
    • Personal guarantees.


Inheritance and Probate Disputes.

Disputes might involve issues arising from the interpretation of a Will or the Estate Administration process.


Debt Recovery.

Disputes arising from Debtors or Creditors.



Disputes involving:

    • Statutory Demands
    • Bankruptcy
    • Winding up.


Dispute Resolution Solicitors Near Me

Whether you are a claimant or defendant in the circumstances of a dispute, you will want to do all you can to ensure that you reach an outcome that is favourable to yourself. The case can be resolved through alternative dispute resolution (ADR) methods such as mediation for many matters. Mediation will allow each party to put forward their case, and the mediator (an impartial third party) will help both sides to determine a fair outcome.

However, in cases where ADR is unsuccessful, your case may be taken to Court. Most lawyers advise their clients to exhaust all ADR methods before taking the matter to Court since the Court process can be stressful and expensive. Moreover, there will be one winner and one loser in Court, meaning there is no chance of an equal and amicable outcome.

At Berlad Graham, we can support you throughout your dispute, advising on the best measure(s). Furthermore, although we will do our best to avoid this if your case does go to Court, we are equipped with the industry knowledge and expertise to assist you.


Dispute Resolution Solicitors Uxbridge.

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