Most periods of employment come to a natural conclusion, with employees moving on or agreeing with employers to mutually terminate their contract. However, in some cases, parting ways between employee and employer is not amicable. In certain situations, an employee may be able to take legal action if they are dismissed.

In such cases, it is essential to know your legal rights, and getting access quickly to specialist professional advice is crucial, particularly as there are often time limits to bringing an employment tribunal claim.

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At Berlad Graham LLP, we understand how stressful it can be to face dismissal from your job. Our team of experienced employment lawyers have advised many employees on their legal rights and can offer quality guidance as soon as needed.

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Unfair Dismissal Claim Specialists

There are three main types of claims that employees are usually able to bring, and our team of knowledgeable employment lawyers at Berlad Graham LLP will be able to advise which might be the best option for you. The three main types are:

  • Unfair dismissal
  • Wrongful dismissal
  • Constructive dismissal.

You might have an opportunity to bring an unfair dismissal claim if your employer:

  • does not have a good reason for dismissing you, or
  • does not follow the correct process for doing so.

Situations when your dismissal is likely to be unfair include if you:

  • Asked for flexible working.
  • Resigned and gave the correct notice period.
  • Joined a trade union.
  • Took part in legal industrial action that lasted 12 weeks or less.
  • Needed time off for jury service.
  • Applied for maternity, paternity and adoption leave.
  • Were on any agreed leave you’re entitled to.
  • Tried to enforce your right to receive Working Tax Credits.
  • Exposed wrongdoing in the workplace (whistleblowing).
  • Were forced to retire.

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Wrongful dismissal claims are brought when an employer has breached an employee’s contract. It can occur when an employer dismisses someone:

  • Without notice.
  • Without giving them the full notice as set out in their contract; or
  • By not giving you your statutory notice.

If an employee claims constructive unfair dismissal, there is typically a claim for wrongful dismissal since the resignation in response to a fundamental breach will be effective immediately.

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Constructive Dismissal Solicitors Near Me

Constructive dismissal is when an employee resigns from a job due to a fundamental breach of contract by the employer. It can be a single serious breach of terms or a series of incidents which, taken together, add up to a significant breach of contract. These might include, for example:

  • not being paid on time;
  • being suddenly demoted for no good reason;
  • unreasonable changes to how you work without appropriate consultation;
  • being bullied/harassed by other employees; or
  • falsely accusing you of misconduct without a proper investigation.

Any dismissal claim can be daunting, and at Berlad Graham LLP, we are here to offer guidance and support through the entire process of a legal dispute with your ex-employer. Our team of employment lawyers provide comprehensive advice to help support you in appealing your dismissal, challenging the dismissal through the Employment Tribunal or negotiating an out of Court settlement.

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