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A commercial property licence agreement gives a tenant the right to occupy a property for business purposes for a set period of time. A commercial property licence is similar to a commercial property lease in that it is a legally binding contract that enables landlords to rent out business premises on a short-term basis.

However, significant differences exist between licences and leases and care should be taken when deciding which is more appropriate in order to ensure the needs of both parties are met, and their interests are adequately protected.

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A commercial property licence agreement is typically a short-term agreement between a landlord and their tenant. Licences offer no security other than a right to occupy and can be terminated by either party at relatively short notice. They are flexible and low cost, which makes them ideally suited to temporary arrangements.

Commercial property licences are commonly used in the following situations:

  • Serviced office space on a short-term basis.
  • Between a buyer and a seller of a property in the time between exchange and completion.
  • When a tenant is negotiating a lease but needs early access to a property.
  • Department store concession arrangements.

Unlike a lease, a commercial property licence does not grant a tenant ‘exclusive possession’ of a property. Licences offer a tenant the right to use the premises, but does not confer any further rights, for example to exclusivity, rent control, or right to remain.

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Leasing commercial property is a costly and complicated business and we strongly advise that you seek legal advice before entering into any agreement.

Our specialist commercial property team are experienced in dealing with all types of commercial licences relating to offices, retail units, land or other property. We advise both landlords and tenants on the content of licences and are highly skilled in drafting such agreements to ensure that your rights are protected and your requirements are met.

We understand that each tenancy is unique and will be able to advise on the advantages and disadvantages of licences, leases and tenancies at will to ensure that you find the solution that best fits your needs. Berlad Graham LLP’s team of specialist solicitors is able to help with all queries relating to commercial property licences, and can help landlords and tenants to:

  • Acquire a licence to use a commercial property from a landlord.
  • Provide a licence to use commercial property as a tenant.
  • Extend a lease or licence.

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