Commercial Landlord and Property Disputes

Being a commercial landlord can be lucrative and rewarding, but there are often difficulties that arise. Disputes between commercial landlords and their tenants are common. There are many issues that can cause disagreements, though they most usually relate to the condition of the property, continued occupation of the property or who is responsible for upkeep and repair.

The onus is on a commercial landlord to ensure that everyone knows where they stand from the very beginning. A landlord and tenant’s responsibilities can be set out in the terms of a lease, and it is crucial that any commercial lease is clear and covers every eventuality.

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Commercial Property Solicitors Uxbridge

Our experienced solicitors advise landlords on a wide range of property disputes, including:

  • Terms of a lease.
  • Tenants not leaving a property.
  • Dealing with notices.
  • Insurance disputes.
  • Service charge disputes.
  • Possession claims.
  • Rent and service charge recovery.
  • Removal of unlawful occupants.
  • Recovery of rent arrears.
  • Dilapidation claims.
  • Disrepair claims.
  • Leasehold valuation tribunal (including the determination of rates).

Commercial Landlord Lease Advice

Landlords can avoid many issues by paying close attention to the clauses that are included in the lease of a property. Our commercial property solicitors at Berlad Graham LP have extensive experience in drafting a wide range of commercial property leases and can advise landlords on the terms they need to include to ensure their interests are best protected.

Commercial property is a complex area of law, and it is crucial that any landlords seek legal advice from a specialist commercial property lawyer from the outset.

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Commercial landlords also need to be aware that any commercial tenants are automatically protected under the Landlord and Tenant Act 1954 (LTA). The Act gives tenants a ‘security of tenure’, which means they have a right to renew a lease and stay in the property after the lease term, as long as they continue to pay rent and have not breached any terms of their tenancy agreement.

Commercial tenants enjoy security of tenure unless it is specifically contracted out in the terms of a lease.

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