Commercial Contractual Disputes

A contractual dispute can happen when the parties involved in a contract disagree over its terms or definitions. Contracts can take many forms, for example they can be made in writing, or agreed orally. But as long as an offer has been made and accepted, a contract exists, and its terms can be disputed.

Contractual disputes are often hard to avoid in business. Parties can dispute commercial contracts for many different reasons, including:

  • Issues regarding an offer made in a contract.
  • Issues when one party reviews a contract for the first time.
  • Disagreements over the technical terms of a contract.
  • When one party claims they’ve been forced into signing a contract.
  • The parties involved in a contract do not stand by their original agreements.

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Contract Dispute Lawyer Near Me

The first step in handling a contract law dispute is to establish the existence of the contract and its terms. This can be difficult, especially if your contract is a verbal one. We would always recommend that you speak to a specialist contract dispute lawyer as soon as possible who will be able to determine whether a contract is legally binding and advise you on the next steps you should take.

Our specialist contract dispute resolution team at Berlad Graham LLP have acted for a wide range of clients across many different industries to successfully resolve a wide range of contractual disputes. Some of the types of issues that our specialist solicitors have advised on include:

  • Joint venture agreements.
  • Distribution agreements.
  • Licensing agreements.
  • Sales of goods or service agreements.
  • Supply agreements.
  • Construction contracts.

Whatever the nature of your commercial contract dispute, our team at Berlad Graham LLP can provide tactical and strategic advice to help resolve the dispute quickly and without any unnecessary disruption to your business and its reputation.

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Specialists in Commercial Contract Disputes

Getting legal advice early on can help resolve a contract dispute without having to go to court and will also put you in a stronger position should you have to litigate. Berlad Graham LLP always seek to resolve issues by negotiation and alternative dispute resolution, although where this isn’t possible, our experienced litigators are able to represent your interests in court.

Commercial Contract Solicitors Uxbridge

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