Commercial Construction Disputes

Building projects usually involve large sums of money and can be highly profitable for all those involved. Unfortunately, there is also considerable scope for things to go wrong, and many construction projects can face lengthy delays, additional complications and significant extra expense when unexpected issues arise.

Our specialist commercial construction dispute lawyers at Berlad Graham LLP are very experienced in dealing with the many issues that can surface during the course of a construction project, and we can act for developers, contractors and sub-contractors to resolve any problems that you may face.

Some common construction disputes our team can advise on include:

  • Terms of construction contracts.
  • Legal regimes applicable to construction operations.
  • Payment disputes under construction contracts.
  • Disputes relating to defective or remedial works.
  • Disputes relating to final accounts, including delay and extension of time claims.
  • Professional negligence on construction projects.
  • Contractor/employer insolvency.
  • Retention of title claims.

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Commercial Construction Dispute Lawyer Near Me

Our team of experienced construction dispute lawyers understand that time is of the essence in building projects and will work with you to find a speedy solution to any problems that occur. Berlad Graham LLP’s commercial dispute lawyers can attempt to negotiate a settlement agreement between you and the other party so the conflict can be resolved swiftly and fairly.

We also consider the merits of all different forms of alternative dispute resolution, including:

  • Mediation.
  • Arbitration.
  • Negotiation.
  • Conciliation.
  • Adjudication.
  • Third-party opinion.
  • Expert determination.

However, should your case end up in court, our team of experienced litigators will ensure we strongly represent your interests to secure the best outcome possible.

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Property Developer Construction Dispute

Our property lawyers have extensive experience of a wide range of construction projects and are aware of the many problems that can occur at every stage. We appreciate the need to resolve issues quickly in order to avoid any penalty clauses that might be incurred, and our dedicated team will do everything in our power to keep the project on track.

Berlad Graham LLP can advise on every different stage of a construction project, including:

  • Development.
  • Infrastructure.
  • Fit-out.
  • Contracts (including Joint Contracts Tribunal and New Engineering Contracts).
  • Mixed-use.
  • Regeneration.
  • Retrofitting.

Commercial Construction Solicitors Uxbridge

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