At Berlad Graham LLP, we understand that children involved in a separation, or a divorce are everyone’s priority. It is essential that children’s needs are put first and that arrangements involving their future residence and care are dealt with swiftly.

Our family law team advises and represents parents and other family members and can provide practical advice and guidance when a relationship breaks down. We recognise how stressful it can be for everyone involved in proceedings involving children, and our specialist lawyers are here to help by providing expert advice in a sensitive way.

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Relationship Breakdown Help

If your relationship has broken down, or you are experiencing difficulties and want reassurance about any children involved, please don’t hesitate to call one of our specialist team. Our family lawyers provide high-quality advice and support in the most challenging and complex cases.

It is preferable for everyone involved to reach an agreement regarding children’s future care in the event of separation or divorce. If parents agree on where a child should live (their residence), how often the other parent will see them (contact), and how the children will be supported financially, there is usually no reason for the Courts to get involved if the parties can agree.

However, we understand that it can often be difficult to reach a consensus in such situations, particularly when emotions are running high. Berlad Graham LLP is here to help you in whatever way we can, whether it be arranging mediation for you and your partner in a bid to come to an agreement or advising you on other ways of resolving any issues out of Court.

Child Arrangements Orders

If parents can still not agree, it may be necessary for the Court to decide on your behalf. The welfare of any children is paramount to any Court, so they will want to ensure that a swift conclusion is reached and that the wishes of the children are taken into account.

There are various types of Court orders that you might need, and our specialist team can advise on what you need for your particular situation. Court orders involving children include:

Child arrangements order, which decides where your child lives, when your child spends time with each parent, and when and what other types of contact take place.

Specific issue order, which is used to look at a specific question about how a child is being brought up, for example, what school they attend or if they should have a religious education.

You can also apply for a Prohibited Steps Order, which can be used to stop the other parent from making a decision about the child’s upbringing.

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