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See opportunity – Take action – Gain business

Added by Berlad Graham
July 10, 2017

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There are many ways to gain business; delivering exceptional customer service is the best way but also networking face to face, networking online, asking customers for testimonials and then using them on your social media but there also remains another way; being open to opportunities!

You would think that ‘being open to opportunities’ might seem obvious but how many business people are not open to see the opportunity in front of them and; therefore, fail to see it?

A law firm was recently intervened by the Solicitor Regulation Authority – all offices were closed, staff were sent home, files were moved and, most importantly, clients were, potentially, left in a very stressful situation with a high degree of uncertainty over their current cases or transactions. Berlad Graham, ‘saw the opportunity’, to assist those clients and attempted to relieve them of that stress by ‘taking immediate action’. One of our Residential Conveyancing Consultants made various phone calls confirming that we could take over those matters so that the clients were not left part-way through, probably, the biggest transactions of their lives.  That resulted in 32 clients having their matters moved to Berlad Graham, thereby immediately knowing that their conveyancing could continue and they would not lose out due to the circumstances. Berlad Graham ‘saw the opportunity, took the action and gained the business’!

Having linked with some referring organisations over this unfortunate situation, Berlad Graham is now going to be instructed on all matters that were with the previous firm and all new matters into the future.

Berlad Graham LLP is a very innovative law firm that does things differently ‘for the benefit of the customer’. Our motto is ‘not if, but how’.  You will not experience the traditional way of conducting law at Berlad Graham; we are open to new ideas, new opportunities and finding ways of achieving our customers’ objectives.

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