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Anti-lock Braking System or Alternative Business Structure?

Berlad Graham LLP is now an Alternative Business Structure (ABS). At Berlad Graham we always think about our clients and what they want; then we deliver it.. the innovative way

April 11, 2013

Even the snow doesn’t need to stop your Solicitor

So, was the recent snowfall positive or negative for you? On the one hand… …Britain looks pretty covered in snow. …it was a chance to throw snowballs with the kids

January 22, 2013

Case Study Berlad Graham LLP

Berlad Graham’s whole philosophy can be summed up in two sentences: We only provide to our clients Consultant Solicitors who are real experts in their field. We only provide exceptional

January 8, 2013

Cloud with a silver lining or Silver lining with a cloud?

You might think this an odd thing for a law firm to place on its website but it can make the difference in how your solicitor views your case, how

December 24, 2012

Are free consultations “really” in the client’s best interest?

Many Firms offer potential clients “a free consultation meeting” as part of their marketing regime. At Berlad Graham LLP we do not consider this to be a requirement of our

December 10, 2012

Why should you be surprised…

Let the clients know about costs in advance as much as possible – It is understandable why clients are not always entirely satisfied when solicitors charge by the hour

November 28, 2012

Happy birthday to Berlad Graham

In just one year we’ve acted for 128 clients. The fourth video is the most amusing. Why? Because we provide only expert legal advice and exceptional customer service!

October 17, 2012

Video is a great way to engage with your customers!

People will often feel they know you better because they’ve seen you on video – they loved the personal touch – Video needs to engage and inform, but be real,

September 20, 2012

A new breed of law firm will take over the legal market

The economic climate has very little to do with the numbers of firms failing – We’ve created a new model at Berlad Graham – by the beginning of August 2012

September 7, 2012

Berlad Graham is not afraid of the Co-op

law has always been, but very openly now, a service to a customer – what is more important is knowing what your clients want – Aim for a very high

August 23, 2012