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What price for peace of mind?

Added by Berlad Graham
September 28, 2016

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The writer of a recent article I’ve read pointed out that as we are all living longer the tendency is for us to marry or enter into civil partnerships more than once and indeed marry in our more mature years.  It suggested that we all wanted the security of marriage to avoid any difficulties, with, for example a partner being excluded from our bedside by our next of kin if taken into hospital.

This posed a question as to how to protect assets accumulated over the years for the benefit of your children from a previous relationship without excluding the current spouse.  The article suggested that by entering into a Pre-Nuptial Agreement and making a Will you could achieve that security.

So far the advice was sound but the writer then went on to suggest that this security can only be bought at a price and that price was high!! They quoted up to £20,000 for a Pre-Nuptial Agreement and an average of around £5,000. Certainly, if you have vast wealth which included offshore trusts then you will be looking at the higher figure but for the majority this work can be done for a modest fee. But what price for peace of mind?

If you want to ensure that your spouse to be and your children from a previous marriage are all fairly treated then give me a call to discuss your options.