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Personal Injury and Clinical Negligence

Clinical Negligence

A great deal of faith has been put in the hands of medical practitioners for a good many years. There are many who have performed incredible surgery and are a credit to their profession. In the UK we are extremely lucky to have the medical knowledge, expertise and dedication we have within the NHS and private medical facilities.

There are times when you, or a member of your family, are at your most vulnerable; when you’ve placed your trust, and your body, in the hands of trusted experts and those experts fail to live up to the high standard any member of the public should be entitled to enjoy.

Not only is there the physical harm you have suffered but also the psychological and emotional trauma for you and your family.

At a time like this you need a solicitor to fight your corner against what can feel like a machine that has a mind of its own and ignores you at every turn. At these times an expert solicitor who ‘knows their stuff’ and has empathy with your situation is the best friend you can have. That expert solicitor is the best person to support and guide you through a very difficult time and ensure you receive the compensation you deserve. Our solicitors understand that you, the customer, need legal, psychological and emotional support.

If you have you experienced any of the following, contact our experts:

  • Poor treatment at the hands of a medical practitioner
  • Misdiagnoses of a medical condition
  • Failure to act upon a diagnosis that has led to a worsening of your condition
  • Further injury from those you turned to for help following other injuries.

Our Clinical Negligence solicitors have many years’ experience of winning fights on behalf of clients who have been left in pain and suffering following negligent acts. If you believe you or someone you know has been the victim of a negligent medical practitioner, then contact our experts to discuss the situation and allow dedicated solicitors, who have spent years winning many millions of pounds compensation for their clients, talk you through what happened and what you may be entitled to claim.

‘No win no fee’ agreements

A case that requires lots of reports from various practitioners to assess your future can mean the costs are high; however, Berlad Graham will happily take on your case (if appropriate) on a Conditional Fee Agreement, more commonly known as a ‘no win no fee’ agreement. This means you are not going to be asked to pay out thousands of pounds as we source the funding of your case from elsewhere. Ask for further information on this when you ring. Our experts have acted for many clients over a number of years ensuring that those who have failed in their duty to protect others are rightly made to pay for that negligent failure.

At Berlad Graham LLP, the client always comes first; so if our experts do not feel you have a case then we will not string you along, but tell you in plain language; however, if the team feel you have a case then you could have a leading, dedicated Clinical Negligence solicitor in your corner fighting for your future.

Catastrophic Personal Injury

Any type of Personal Injury can be debilitating, but add a catastrophic element to it and not only your life, but those of your loved ones, can be turned permanently upside down. If we were all:

  • perfect drivers with other people’s safety paramount in our minds
  • perfect employers creating the safest of working environments for the benefit of our staff
  • perfect organisations with the safety of those who use our services as our prime concern

we would not see personal injury occur; however, that is not what really happens as we all know. In all of the situations above, there is a duty owed to others to protect them and sometimes a failure to exercise that duty occurs. For various reason, some deliberate, some quite accidental and some through lack of care or thought, people do get injured on the road, in the workplace or at the hands of organisations not putting in place the correct procedures to protect us. At times like this it can be difficult to know who to turn to for advice and guidance. If the injury is of a catastrophic nature, then it could be impossible for the injured person to seek advice and it falls to the family to step in and assist. Often, it is the family trying to help the victim that needs support and guidance even more because of the emotional nature of their help. Some accidents are of a catastrophic nature rendering the victim unable to work, sometimes for the rest of their lives; so long term care, specialist equipment or even house modifications may be needed to assist the victim in the future. This can be a real strain on your income, which may have disappeared if you were the victim and unable to work, but can also effect those living with the victim. This area of law has become very specialised over recent years and it is essential you have a solicitor who is an expert in catastrophic personal injury cases by your side to guide you, the customer, and obtain the correct level of compensation to which you are entitled.

We would also, if applicable, take on Catastrophic Personal Injury matters on a ‘No win no fee’ agreement.

If you have suffered, or know someone else who has suffered, personal injury and don’t feel you have anyone fighting your corner, then call one of the team to discuss it. It is essential that you have total trust in what your solicitor is doing for you and know your corner is being fought; after all, you are the customer. If you have a solicitor already but don’t feel you’re in control of what is happening call Jonathan Dees or Tuyyabah Amjid to discuss it.

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