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Liora Torn-Hibler

Peace of mind in their most difficult time

Added by Berlad Graham
May 29, 2012

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Peace of mind in their most difficult time

Anyone can buy a Will from a high street shop, but will it record what you actually want. If it doesn’t, by the time the loved-ones you’ve left behind find out, it’s too late!

Someone once asked me to review the Will she’d created from a high street shop, where she’d left ‘half of what I own to my parents’. I asked ‘What about the other half?’ Her reply was that the other half of what ‘she’ owned belonged to her boyfriend!

This is the kind of risk you run by not placing the creation of your Will into the hands of the experts, us!

If a person dies without a Will, they are Intestate and the rules that must be followed by law in these circumstances might mean that the people you wanted your estate to go to are left with nothing. In the worse situation a significant part of your estate might end up going to the Government!

Imagine a situation where you have children or grandchildren and no Will. Your estate might end up in the hands of others or the Government. Stop this happening now!

Call Liora Torn-Hibler now on 020 7887 1943 or 07771 740750 or email her at now and ensure you have a properly created Will that truly reflects your wishes about your estate.

Find your peace of mind, and their’s, talk to Liora now