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Stewart Graham

Non Lawyer
Finance & Operations

‘If you can imagine it, you can achieve it’ is the philosophy Stewart lives by. He has spent his career of more than 25 years managing law firms in London and across the UK. Stewart’s focus has always been on the customer, whether that is the internal customer (the staff) or the external customer (those for whom the firm acts). His view is ‘keep the internal customer happy and they will keep the external customer happy!’

Stewart has always removed antiquated methods and put innovative systems in place for the benefit of the customer. Utilising the latest technology and a forward-thinking approach to aid the legal process is one way which satisfies Stewart’s obsession with delivering ‘exceptional customer service’. He understands that clients want good value for money. A modern approach, great communication and cutting edge IT helps deliver this. This also assists the firm to provide expert-level advice and very cost effective legal support to clients. This very modern infrastructure allows 24/7 worldwide access for our team to the system and your case; there will never be a delay to your matter through lack of access to your file.

Stewart loves being outdoors. He’s raced sailing dinghies of every size, sailed in force sevens (and capsized), climbed many mountains in all conditions and slept on top of some of them, fallen off rock climbs, abseiled down 150 foot cliffs to the sea (facing forwards) and then climbed back up, kayaked grade five white water, kayak-surfed Bude Bay and slept in caves. He’s learnt a huge amount about himself, about others, about team work and how to motivate people. He’s studied NLP and body language and coached many people. Stewart can’t think of a better place than on top of a mountain, quietly contemplating nature’s beauty.

Stewart is based in Uxbridge.

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