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Eddy Meiri

Solicitor - Israel

Adv. Eddy Meiri is admitted to practice in Israel (since 1998) and in New York (since 2000), has his own law office since 2003 and is a founding member of the joint law office of Meiri, Vimisberg, Cohen-Schur since 2014. Adv. Meiri is fluent in Hebrew, English and Romanian and in addition to his legal services offers notary services (under the Israeli law) in said three languages.

The office is located in Tel Aviv and represents Israeli clients, as well as foreign clients with legal needs in Israel.

Adv. Meiri engages in commercial litigation regarding business disputes, usually of the more complex nature, as well as in contract and corporate law.

Adv. Meiri offers the following main legal services:

  • Commercial litigation;
  • Commercial contracts, including international contracts;
  • Corporate law, including the establishment of corporations (companies, partnerships, limited partnerships, non-profit associations) in Israel and current legal advice in order to enable such entities to run their operation in adherence to all legal requirements;
  • Real Estate – sale and purchase (including for investment purposes);
  • Succession and Wills, including in the matter of persons deceased overseas;
  • Enforcement of foreign judgments;
  • Following a collaboration of recent years, Adv. Meiri can ow offer a unique service of locating “dormant” assets in Israel and assisting in their conveyance to their legal heirs. Those are usually assets purchased or acquired in Israel many years ago, often as early as the British Mandate, which for various reasons were forgotten by their owners, so that they haven’t passed on the information to their successors, who now need to locate them and convey the rights to their own name.
  • Finally, Adv. Eddy Meiri offers English-Hebrew and Hebrew-English legal translation services, taking advantage of his legal knowledge, awarding him a material advantage over other translators.

Please contact Eddy on
+44 (0) 330 175 5655
+44 (0) 1895 590222