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Daliah Sklar-Avnieli


As an immigrant herself at an early age, Daliah’s vast Daliah Sklar-Avnieliexperience and expertise in the legal world of Global Immigration goes past the bureaucracy stages and covers all of the facets involved. From representing companies that float on the LSE and Nasdaq to individual start-up’s, families and investors – she will cover the process, the legal aspects and the extra tips that you only learn after 11 years experience. With an average 99.5 success rate she will scrupulously check your case prior to filing any visa petition.

Daliah has assisted thousands of clients over the years who need to comprehend their complicated legal standing in regards to US and UK immigration Law. Furthermore, she has advised clients about purchasing a second citizenship – such as European, Caribbean or investment citizenship programmes. This can assist for personal safe travel, tax purposes or simply to leave your children further options in life. A second citizenship can sometimes buy free education, better social benefits, real estate investments, the option to travel to countries not permitted under your current passport or simply another option to retire away to a quiet and peaceful life under the sun and away from the buzz of your life today.

Daliah is certified by the British Embassy in Israel for translating documents between Hebrew and English. All “certified translations” required for Government authorities can be processed through her.

Daliah Sklar-AvnieliDaliah is very well connected to corporate brokers in the United States who are seeking foreign investors for franchises as well as real estate brokers, which can lead to the receipt of a US work visa or Greencard.

Daliah is dual qualified, able to practise in the UK and Israel and can speak fluent English, Hebrew and moderate French. She is based in Tel Aviv, but splits her time between the UK and Israel.

A full-time wife, with two beautiful young boys, Daliah is an avid restaurant foodie and a successful business woman; she still finds time at least twice a year to head off to the French Alps for adventure in heli-skiing and black pistes. In the summer Daliah dives in Sinai and Honduras as a licensed Dive Master.

”My company’s lawyer recommended Daliah as the best in the field in Israel, and indeed, after a short discussion, Daliah immediately defined the exact and optimal approach to process our Visa applications. Daliah connected me with Michael’s office in US, to do the main work, which is in the US. Daliah and her team provided the work required in Israel. Everybody in both teams were so coordinated, efficient, friendly and professional – this was the BEST experience for us”.

Please contact Daliah on
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