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Berlad Graham’s 5 top tips for Co-parenting

Added by Berlad Graham
February 2, 2023

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Here are our 5 top tips for Co-parenting:

  1. Establish clear communication: Make sure you and your co-parent stay in close communication. This will be the key to successful co-parenting. Set up regular times to talk, talk through disagreements calmly and come to an agreement that works for both of you.
  2. Respect each other: Co-parenting can be a challenge and it’s important to remember to show respect to each other. Acknowledge and accept each other’s decisions, even if you don’t always agree.
  3. Put your child first: Co-parenting is all about what’s best for the child. Ask yourself “What’s best for my child?” when making decisions.
  4. Focus on consistency: Create a consistent schedule and routine between both households. This will help the child feel secure and will help them develop and grow.
  5. Keep the lines of communication open: Make sure to stay in contact with each other and keep the lines of communication open. Also, make sure to keep your child informed about any changes or decisions that you make.


If you are considering building your family through co-parenting, Berlad Graham’s family law team can help.

Our experienced legal team has a deep understanding of the legal requirements and implications of co-parenting, and can provide you with advice and guidance to ensure the process is successful.

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