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One day rainy England – next day Panama – Our new Home

Added by Berlad Graham
October 25, 2015

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My husband and I sit at home, it’s a Saturday afternoon and we have just finished our weekly skype call with our daughter, now living in Sydney with her partner and son. It was a lovely chat and we are desperate to see our little one and speak about visiting over Christmas. She lives so far away and we are used to the distance now. She moved to Australia on a spouse visa with her Australian partner, having met him when he was working in a bar in London.

It’s raining outside and we put the telly on; we’re not really watching. I look over at my husband who is doing the crosswords in the weekend edition, then stare at the rain. It’s rained all week my most exciting adventure was venturing to the supermarket to buy our Sunday roast. I always try a new recipe and today went for a Mexican “Mole’ chicken” dish. Then a thought crossed my mind “Is this really what we have to look forward to for the next good 20 years? Crosswords, the telly, the rain, the gloom…I have had enough.”

“Let’s move,” I say to Paul. He raises an eyebrow, “Ok love”- “No Paul, really let’s get out of here- South America, Caribbean, Morocco.” Paul puts his pen down and stares at me – “What on earth are you talking about? We just got back from Blackpool last week.” “No Paul, I read that we can put some of our savings in a type of bank and based on our monthly Government pension, we can go and live in Panama! Imagine the life- Oh Paul- you… deep sea fishing for hours, me painting on the beach, watching golden sun sets from our villa, a maid, a cook, cocktails for lunch, learning Spanish, dancing to South American music, Paul we can actually live life – there is a huge community of retired Brits moving to Panama today. Paul please think about it – I want to live my life, really live. Did you even know that Panama was voted N°1 country in the world to retire to by the New York Times in 2013.”

This was the start of Paul and Linda’s global move at the age 63, moving halfway around the world. The couple renewed their passports, found a really helpful immigration law firm and gathered essential documents. Mostly all they needed to prove was that they had a steady income of over $600 USD between them each month and were over the age of 60; separately, of course!.

They didn’t tell their friends or family about their relocation process until the green light came from the Panama Embassy and then they invited everyone to the pub. Their close friends were shocked but intrigued by their dramatic choice to move to live in Panama. “You are moving where?” “Panama?” “Where is that?” “How do you do that?” “What language do they speak in Panama? Is it South or Central America? How does a British citizen move to Panama? “

Paul explained how Linda had taken them through the whole process in less than four months and they were now “temporary residents” of Panama. Paul explained that after his research, the couple could live above their means on a retirement visa based upon their monthly pension from the UK alone. Linda and Paul flew out the airport leaving the rain, the cold, their grey life and started part two of their lives after relocation to their dream come true.

Expert legal advice to achieve such a life-changing and exciting move such as this is essential so you do not fall foul of international laws.