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Spain Digital Nomad Visa

Added by Berlad Graham
June 7, 2023

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Moving to Spain as a Digital Nomad

Spain recently opened its doors to digital nomads who want to work remotely whilst enjoying the good quality life in Spain.

This type of visa can be applied for either at your closest Spanish consulate or from inside Spain. It also extends to spouses, minor children, and other dependant relatives. The visa is available to those employed remotely by companies based outside of Spain or those who are self-employed and provide most of their services to clients outside of Spain. To qualify, applicants must have at least a degree from a prestigious university or at least 3 years work experience in their field.

The list of requirements to apply to reside in Spain as a digital nomad are as follows:

1. Criminal records certificate for the last 2 years.

2. Health insurance which can be either public or private which provides full cover in Spain.

3. Proof of employment or if self-employed, contractual relationships with clients which is not less than 3 months, and terms and conditions which allow you to provide your services remotely.

4. Proof of economic means which is 200% of the minimum salary in Spain. The minimum salary is currently about 13,000€ per year in Spain therefore at least 26,000€ or equivalent per year would need to be demonstrated. This could be accredited via contracts and invoices/ payslips.

5. For those that are employed, a company certificate registered with Companies House or equivalent would need to be presented.

6. Further, documentation to accredit where applicable professional qualifications such as undergraduate and postgraduate certificates.

7. The good news for those who work for UK based companies or pay national insurance contributions as self-employed, is that you can apply for an A1 certificate which is recognised in Spain. For those who are not UK based in these cases for those who are self-employed, an application to register with Social Security in Spain would need to be made. In relation to companies then a declaration would be required that they will register the worker with the social security office in Spain.

The above list provides a basic outline of requirements, and for potential applications for the nomad visa a detailed assessment would need to be made on a case-by-case basis.

For more information on digital nomad visas please call us on 0330 175 5655 or email

Victoria WestheadArticle by Victoria Westhead, Consultant Solicitor – Spain.