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Marriage – why should it be governed by religion or the State; isn’t it just an Agreement or a Contract?

Added by Berlad Graham
May 7, 2017

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Why should marriage be governed by the state or by religion? Is it not time to allow couples to decide on their relationship and destiny?  Why do we still need to ask for permission to be with someone?

As a result of the above restrictions a considerable number of couples choose to live together without being married either because they prefer another arrangement or are unable to enter into a marriage for one reason or another.

It is suggested that historically marriage is a result of the need for certainty and a mechanism to control and collect taxes. It is not suggested, by any view, that we should allow anarchy and certain rules must govern any healthy society; however, can an ‘agreement’ or ‘contract’ between couples not suffice?

In the last few years we have seen in the UK the gay marriage revolution and recently the High Court has had to deal with the request of a heterosexual couple to enter into a civil partnership.  No doubt times are changing.

In Israel a pioneer lawyer, Mrs Irit Rosenblum, started the revolution about 20 years ago by offering couples a Domestic Union Card’ which has become recognised by most Israeli institutions.  We are now contemplating cooperation and much more is to come!