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Berlad Graham LLP is an innovate Lexcel accrediated law firm, dedicated to offering lawyers a new modern approach to how they work

How We Work

We offer a new way of working, allowing you to escape the traditional office and 9-5 hours. We allow you full control over your work-life balance and only expect that you maintain our excellent reputation by delivering outstanding service to your clients and adhering to regulatory requirements.

You will be self-employed, working from any location of your choice with full support of the hub and our support staff. We provide the infrastructure and facilities, allowing you to concentrate on nothing other than your legal work.


What we Offer


We provide our consultant solicitors with cutting edge, cloud-based technology ensuring they have access to the legal case management system and their case-load 24 hours of the day. They also have access to online resources, including a legal library, precedents, court forms, research tools, statutes and daily updates.

Meeting Rooms

Our central office is based in North West London with excellent access to train stations, motorways and public transport. We offer our consultant solicitors access to meetings rooms and hot-desks at the office.

Other Benefits

Branding – letterhead papers, business cards and website promotion
Dedicated IT support
Meeting the costs of practising certificate and CPD training
Remunerated in-house referrals
Professional indemnity insurance

Support Staff

Support Staff

We provide an array of central support for our consultants including:

A staff managed telephone line from 9- 5.30
Support staff at the hub who deal with post, file opening, archiving, printing, scanning and other administrative requests from our consultants
Marketing staff who focus on promoting our consultants.
Accounts team who deal with postings and payments including banking


The partners of the firm oversee and implement processes and systems, to ensure the firm and its consultants are compliant with the SRA code of conduct, adhering to regulatory requirements and adhering to financial administration requirements. They will also oversee and manage your career development as a consultant solicitor at the firm, assisting you to build your case-load and client base.


Our consultant solicitors enjoy significantly higher earnings via their commission rates on their billing, as compared to their potential earnings as employees. Gone are the days where you earn only one third of what you bill.


Our consultant solicitors have the freedom to work when, where and how they want.

Our cutting-edge systems ensure that they can work from anywhere in the world and at anytime. We only take on experienced lawyers and can therefore confidently trust them to manage their workload as they see fit, without compromising the exceptional level of services expected from our firm.

What Our Team Says

The Partners explain the benefits of joining Berlad Graham LLP
The Partners explain the benefits of joining Berlad Graham LLP
Noor Khan in conversation with Raanan Berlad
Noor Khan in conversation with Raanan Berlad


"I joined Berlad Graham Solicitors as I wanted a better work-life balance. I can say that I have received that. Not only do I get to decide the amount of hours I work in a day, but I also get to decide when and how I work. The work-life balance has been great, it gives me a chance to actually work on my clients’ demands and make sure that their needs are met to the best of my ability. I can focus on the work that I am doing for my clients, rather than worrying about the managerial process."

Fiona Bee,
Consultant Solicitor at Berlad Graham LLP

"Ever since joining Berlad Graham LLP, I couldn’t help but feel a deep sense of appreciation for the fantastic support network that the firm provides their consultants on a daily basis. Having previously worked as a consultant at a much larger national city firm, the improvement was such a warm welcome from the previously stressful day-to-day work management."

Jack Grunhut,
Consultant Solicitor at Berlad Graham LLP

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