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Did your house move fail to go ahead last Thursday or Friday because of the snow?

Added by Berlad Graham
March 9, 2018

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Today Berlad Graham found out that someone’s house move did not happen last Thursday because of the snow!!  You might not be surprised at that; however, the reason it did not happen was nothing to do with the family not being ready, nothing to do with the loaded van outside their house containing their worldly possessions, nothing to do with the house they were moving into not being ready. So WHY did the move not happen?

The reason the move did not happen was because their solicitors could not get into their own office to effect the transaction and had no access to their system from anywhere else.  They couldn’t get in on the Friday also!

This would NEVER happen at Berlad Graham LLP.  Our team has access from anywhere in the world at any time so your house move would never be affected because we could not access our physical office, we don’t need to.  The world moves at a fast pace and you need your solicitors to be moving with it, not left in the past.

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