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Hi Jinks at the High Court

Added by Berlad Graham
November 6, 2015

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A senior family judge, His Honour Judge Mostyn has publicly damned a litigant in person following protracted divorce proceedings.

The matter began in 2012 and during that timeframe there was a total of 30 hearings. The Judge took the  unusual step of naming and shaming the husband as throughout the proceedings he had been threatening and abusive to court staff and the Judge.

In one email to the Judge, the husband told him he should be executed in a gas chamber.

The Judge thought the husbands conduct was so extreme that he awarded the wife a lump sum and ordered that he pay the wife’s costs in the sum of £146,609.

Although this is an extreme case it sets out the problems and frustrations a litigant in person faces when he or she is unfamiliar with the court  procedures and the law. Often a lack of understanding and feeling of isolation can erupt into behaviour that normally a person would not exhibit.

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