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Happy birthday to Berlad Graham

Added by Berlad Graham
October 17, 2012

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It’s Berlad Graham’s birthday today, we are a year old and we’d like to say thank you to all those clients, suppliers and the people who work with us who have assisted in this success! Without our clients, suppliers and our team none of this could have happened.  We would like to thank our clients for putting your trust in us as your legal advisers.

We’ve worked very hard and had fun doing so.  It has been a fantastic year for Raanan and Stewart and seems to have flown by very quickly.  In just one year we’ve acted for 128 clients and now have an international client base!  Why? Because we provide only expert legal advice and exceptional customer service!

The short videos placed on our website have been viewed over 130 times in less than a month. Why? Because they are client focused; take a look here; the fourth is the most amusing!

Raanan and Stewart’s philosophy about providing expert legal advice and exceptional customer service

Raanan describing the areas of law we provide and the benefits our clients gain with us

Stewart explaining our philosophy behind providing great service to customers through working with our Consultants and the freedom our Consultants gain by working with us

The fourth is the outtakes created from filming the first three

In the last couple of weeks we created our own group on LinkedIn and already have 32 members and growing daily.

We would both like to thank you all for the part you’ve played in our success; your input has assisted us in providing the level of customer service rarely seen in law firms.

If you do know of anyone who is in need to expert legal advice, or who has a legal advisor but do not feel they are the customer, please pass on our name.