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From the love of horses to the love of law

Added by Berlad Graham
March 15, 2016

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Anyone who knows me will know that I have a passion for horses.

From an early age I was drawn to their strength , kindness and beauty.

My particular interest lies with a rare breed of Arab horse from Bahrain. The breed originated from the  centuries old desert war horse and remains unchanged. It combines strength and bravery with calmness and loyalty.

I am a member of the World  Arabian Horse Organisation and am looking forward to their conference next year in Bahrain where, as a guest of His Highness King Hamad, a privileged visit to the Royal stud is on the agenda.  It will be a chance to view these horses which are living history.

I am very fortunate in that I can combine my love of horses with my interest in the law as I offer advice on all equine legal matters.

My cases can be interesting and challenging ranging from advice when a horse does not fit the description, once you get him home, to loan agreements and advice on setting up a livery yard.  My work can also cover who you leave your horse to in your Will and what to do with your horse if you split up with your partner.