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Foreign Spouse

Added by Berlad Graham
October 6, 2022

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If your partner is abroad, we can assist you in making an entry clearance application for them to join you by explaining all the legal and financial requirements that need to be met.

A ‘partner’ includes a husband/wife or civil partner. An unmarried partner can also be considered as a partner but only if you have resided with that partner for a minimum of 2 years ‘akin to marriage’ and have evidence to demonstrate the same e.g., utility bills or joint bank account statements.

Due to the rising number of sham marriages and many couples meeting and starting their relationships online, the Home Office are inclined to refuse these applications where there is any doubt that the relationship is not genuine. We can assist in demonstrating that your relationship is genuine and that you meet all the immigration rules by drafting detailed legal representations to the Home Office that will be supported with a bundle of evidence.

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