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Doing it the ‘exceptional customer service’ way at Berlad Graham LLP

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March 20, 2012

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Solicitors are perceived to be difficult to change, stuck in their ways, creatures of habit; “we’ve always done it like that”. Well, many are and insist on you fitting into their regime, but at Berlad Graham we are innovative, we challenge the way service ‘should’ be produced and are always looking for improvements.  Who do we look to, to help us find those improvements? Our customers!

The UK has multi-million pound professional services organisations because of the type of attitude you find at Berlad Graham. That level of fee income does not happen simply because these firms have repeat clients or because they’re liked; it’s because they deliver the goods; they add value to their clients and provide excellent service. Berlad Graham did not attain 50 new clients in its first four months because we act in a traditional way; it’s because of the reputation its owners have for providing exceptional customer service to our clients.

Any business can choose to be innovative, challenge the ‘norm’ and find alternatives to the “we’ve always done it like that” mentality. Arguably the smaller the business, the more benefit there is to ‘doing it smart’. This is what we’ve adopted at Berlad Graham.  A large business is able to swallow more costs, a smaller one needs to be smart about how it delivers its work and collects its fees. You don’t get much smarter than Berlad Graham LLP.

If we know a piece of work could go on for some time, and to help our’s and our client’s cash flow, we suggest a standing order being set up so those regular payments come into our account and our clients are still in control of their money as they can cancel the standing order whenever they choose.

We offer a range of payment structures, from hourly rates to fixed fees, so our clients know how much they’re going to pay to enable them to plan.

Using the latest, and very best, legal precedents, case law and documentation means that our clients have a legal expertise at their fingertips second to none. Couple this with cutting-edge IT that allows every person within our organisation to access every part of the system, including your file, from anywhere in the world and you’ve got a truly exceptional customer service offering; one that is totally focused on what they customer wants and then delivers even more. That’s the Berlad Graham way!