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Raanan Berlad

Every matrimonial story has three sides, her side, his side and the truth!

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September 25, 2015

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A leading Divorce Lawyer, practicing for over 35 years, described in a recent newspaper article the reasons why Divorce Petitions increase by more than 20% after holidays and, in particular, the new year.  We will enter the holiday period again soon so it’s better to know what to expect other than presents.

A decision to separate is never easy and from my experience is always a long process.  Perhaps the holidays and new year is the time to reflect back and come to a final decision.

Every matrimonial story has three sides, her side, his side and the truth.  Both parties can feel angry and disappointed following the breakdown of their marriage; one party might feel neglected and unwanted whilst the other wishes they could continue living with the spouse they met and fell in love with years ago.

Unfortunately, life takes its own course and, if your marriage has reached this stage, here is some advice on how to deal with it.

  1. Do not argue in front of the children
  2. Try and be restrained and forbearing
  3. Think again and ensure you have come to the right decision
  4. Go and seek professional legal advice.

For more information contact our matrimonial expert, Raanan Berlad of Berlad Graham LLP