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Stewart Graham

Even the snow doesn’t need to stop your Solicitor

Added by Berlad Graham
January 22, 2013

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So, was the recent snowfall positive or negative for you?

On the one hand…

…Britain looks pretty covered in snow.

…it was a chance to throw snowballs with the kids in the garden.

…you could build an eight-foot Snowman with just a carrot and two pieces of coal.

…you said ‘Hello’ to people walking past who don’t normally acknowledge you.

On the other hand…

 …were you part of the £0.5 billion lost to business across Britain?

…has it meant your solicitor delaying your case?

…did you hear the dreaded answering machine saying the office was closed?

…or worse a constant ringing because they couldn’t get in to change the message?

…did you loose your staff to a couple of ‘duvet’ days?

 No business needs heavy snowfall; bringing the transport system to a standstill, your solicitor stranded at home unable to log in and no one progressing your case!  But does your solicitor need to be part of this negative effect?  Quite simply, No! They don’t – they just need to think about you, the customer!

Let’s look at what wasn’t affected by the snow?  Telephones, emails and the Internet!

By thinking ahead, and ensuring the staff have full remote access to the whole system from anywhere, Berlad Graham continues as if we were sitting at our desks. As long as we’ve got internet access, we simply log in and continue working.  Your case, therefore, does not get delayed because we’ve thought about you beforehand and what you, as our customer, need.

Using digital dictation our typing support receives their work by notifying them in an email that the work is waiting “in the cloud” for them to access (that of course could be done by telephone). They complete it and then notify us it is ready.

An outsourced reception facility that continues working, instead of a person sitting at the front of your office occasionally answering the phone, is the second best option. Giving your customers your direct email and mobile number is the best option and not only part of providing exceptional customer service but allows contact to be made from anywhere to anywhere at any time. Again, Berlad Graham was set up in this way right from the start.

Creating outgoing post through a case management system and scanning incoming post into the system allows the staff to access all post at any time, which is what we do. You can’t control who is old fashioned and sends letters through the post – but you can choose if that type of archaic firm acts for you. Almost everything can be dealt with by email and the Berlad Graham rule is “it must go by email unless it can’t” so the communication continues even during the snow.

So, by Berlad Graham thinking ahead and thinking about what our customers need what have you achieved?

No loss of time

No frustration

No work sitting on a desk waiting to be deal with

No lack of contact

And we’ve achieved a satisfied client.

This is how Berlad Graham LLP was set up from the first day, which is why can continue working whatever the weather, whatever our location and whatever the circumstances!