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Dr Jon Levy
Consultant Solicitor


Solicitor - Admitted
March 3, 2008

Practice Areas


Dr. Jon Levy is a solicitor who specialises in transnational law and private international law. He has represented the former president of the Republic of China, Chen Shuibian, the former Deputy Prime Minister of Yugoslavia, and numerous African entities and political figures. He has been engaged by clients against the US Office of Foreign Asset Control (OFAC), CIA, US Army, and UK Ministry of Defense. As a litigator he specialises in transnational asset recovery and has taken up cases against the Vatican Bank, UBS AG, the Swiss National Bank, Emaar Corporation, and many others.

Jon currently is representing parties in cases involving crypto currencies and ICOs.

Jon also holds a PhD in Political Science with an emphasis in International Law and is active adjunct faculty at Norwich University and the University of Southern New Hampshire.

Jon is also licensed in various US state and federal courts including California and is a St. Helena and Dependencies Advocate with the Rights of Audience to the Supreme Court of the British Indian Ocean Territory, Abu Dhabi Global Market Court and Astana International Financial Centre Court. He is a long-time member of the International Criminal Bar and Irish Law Society.

When he is not working, he is usually travelling preferably by train and ship (Cunard Diamond Member) and enjoys running, swimming, fishing and hiking. Jon also serves on the board of several charitable organisations and has worked pro bono cases involving World War II era restitution, human rights violations and exploitation of children by clergy.

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