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Could you be in the same position as Mrs Gohil and Mrs Sharland?

Added by Berlad Graham
October 15, 2015

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2015 has been a very interesting year, with a number of unusual decisions by Judges in Matrimonial cases; two recent Supreme Court decisions have changed the advice we give to clients, which could result in your being entitled to more from your divorce settlement; even if it was some time ago.

At the beginning of the year Ms Wyatt  was given confirmation by a court that she could take her husband back to court for a financial settlement despite being divorced for over 20 years.

This week the Supreme Court has given Mrs Gohil and Mrs Sharland the green light to reopen their financial settlements on the basis their husbands had been less than honest about their assets.

These cases highlight the absolute need for expert advice to ensure that any order made to settle your finances during your divorce cannot be reopened in the future.

Berlad Graham LLP has a Family Solicitor who is not only experienced in financial settlements and endorsed by the Law Society but is an accredited Family Law Advanced Panel Member; an accreditation only a few Solicitors enjoy.

When there is a lot at stake get the best possible expert advice. We are here to help and will steer you through all the possible pitfalls.  To discuss if you have been ‘short-changed’ in your divorce settlement, call Berlad Graham now on 020 7887 1943.