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Anti-lock Braking System or Alternative Business Structure?

Added by Berlad Graham
April 11, 2013

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It is with great pride and pleasure Raanan Berlad and Stewart Graham announce that Berlad Graham LLP is now an Alternative Business Structure (ABS)!

After spending many months of form filling and going backwards and forwards with the SRA, we received the confirmation that we had achieved ABS status.

Raanan, whilst his family were in the car with him, phoned Stewart to give him the good news. They discussed their new ABS status and how exciting it was and that they were very early adopters in the UK of this new style of ownership.  Then, a little voice from the back of the car said “I don’t know why you’re so excited, all cars have it nowadays!”

Our ABS status simply follows the innovative way in which the firm was set up, is managed and is growing. Providing exceptional customer service

Not many law firms have taken this step as they are stuck in a traditional past and don’t see how taking a future-view on many aspects of how law firms deliver their service is beneficial for their customers.

At Berlad Graham we always think about our clients and what they want; then we deliver it.

For further information on our firm, please contact Stewart