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Laura Harper

The service was incredible

Added by Berlad Graham
December 5, 2019

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This was myself and partner’s first experience in buying a home. We decided to use Laura (and her team) to act as our solicitors. Laura had come highly recommended from several work colleagues and I can only confirm that those recommendations were correct.

This was not the easiest home purchase, there were several issues from the sellers side which complicated matters, however, at no point did I feel that we had lost control of the situation. This was primarily down to the attentiveness of Laura, her willingness to communicate readily and excellent secretary who smoothed over my concerns.

The purchase is now complete, but I can only reiterate my previous statements, we would absolutely recommend Laura, Claire and by extension Berlad Graham LLP, for any conveyancing needs. The service was incredible value for money, particularly when bench marked against other local competitors. We would both like to thank Laura & Clair for the sterling quality of their work. Paul Devoy & Alina Lutsenko