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I consider Berlad Graham an integral part of the team

Added by Berlad Graham
July 31, 2012

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Berlad Graham is an entirely new breed of legal firm. Both Raanan and Stewart understand that customer service is key, and that top notch legal services must go hand in hand with first class client communications. They understand that, for the customer (even for us small commercial clients who are sometimes expected to be old hands at this sort of thing), legal issues can often be complex and unfamiliar, and the procedures baffling. They explain everything in plain English, setting out all of your options, and explaining not only what will happen in your case, but importantly why each step is necessary and how it impacts on the case overall. You feel that you are being safely guided through what would otherwise be a dangerous and costly maze, totally confident that you will be kept clear of any pitfalls, and that someone is ready and able to fight your corner no matter what the obstacles.

What I have found particularly pleasing is that I can contact Berlad Graham at any time at all, no matter how small the problem. Being a small but expanding firm, I frequently have issues that crop up at the most inconvenient moments – weekends, holidays or even when I am heading for the airport . I have always been made to feel welcome to call and discuss the issue there and then, rather than having to worry about it until 9.00 am on Monday.

For my business, I consider Berlad Graham an integral part of the team and would recommend them most highly.  Mark Carlisle, Managing Director, KJC Costs Ltd