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Laura Harper

Laura delivers simply the best service I’ve ever received

Added by Berlad Graham
February 1, 2018

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As a Mortgage broker, I’ve submitted hundreds of Mortgage applications and, in turn, dealt with hundreds of Solicitors. What frustrates me more than anything is that, in order to speak to a Solicitor, I need to overcome the interrogation from the receptionist which often takes so long that the issue could have been resolved way before I manage to speak to the Solicitor – that’s if I managed to get through! It’s not often we have to call Solicitors so when we do, it’s generally because there’s an issue to deal with which needs addressing immediately. Solicitors though, just don’t seem to have the same haste as we do. As a business, we pride ourselves on working with our clients at all times during every part of the process and inevitably that means talking calls at late hours and early mornings. Laura is without doubt the only Solicitor I’ve ever come across who echoes our ethos. She’s breaks the mould and delivers simply the best service I’ve ever received. Truly magnificent service from a wonderful, caring person. If every conveyancing Solicitor was like Laura, our industry would be magical!!  Nick D’Silva