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Laura Harper

I would definitely recommend Laura and Claire to anyone

Added by Berlad Graham
May 21, 2019

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We recently purchased our first home with Laura Harper and her secretary, Claire, acting for us. Requesting a quote and giving initial instructions was quick and easy and they got the ball rolling as soon as our offer was accepted. Given that we were first time buyers, they explained each step of the process well so that we were able to understand what was happening. They were always available to answer our many questions, give advice, and make all necessary inquiries on our behalf.  I felt that Laura managed our expectations well in terms of timescales and did not under-deliver, she also made it clear what she needed from us and what she was waiting for. This took the stress out of the process for us as we knew when they were working on something or waiting for things to come in.

Overall, both Laura and Claire made the whole process really easy for us with no stress or panic. They were both very approachable, friendly and professional throughout – responding to emails/phone calls very quickly. I would definitely recommend Laura and Claire to anyone, they are a great team!  Takara Hanks