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Raanan Berlad

I have only got praise for his ability as a lawyer; he is fantastic

Added by Berlad Graham
August 2, 2017

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Raanan’s professionalism and sensitivity kept me going through a case that had some very difficult times. As well as his legal advice Raanan also provided me with a great deal of support. I have only got praise for his ability as a lawyer; he is fantastic.

He made me feel comfortable at all times, not only in his professional advice and the way he explained it to me but in making me feel like a valued and respected customer; Berlad Graham LLP certainly understands how to provide exceptional customer service.

Raanan fully understands what you say to him and deals with you in the most sensitive and professional way; he is completely clear when advising you; no legal jargon, just plain-speaking English. At all times I was kept abreast of the case and advised in a very prompt and efficient manner. I felt I was able to call Raanan at any time to ask a question; nothing was too much trouble.

Raanan and Berlad Graham LLP have carefully thought about what a customer is, what their expectations are and then exceeds those expectations. If you only ever use a solicitor, or a solicitors practice, once in your life, you must make sure it is Raanan Berlad and Berlad Graham LLP. Anne Warnes