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Fiona Bee

I am still as happy as when I first joined the team

Added by Berlad Graham
September 22, 2015

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Having now worked as a Consultant for Berlad Graham LLP for over a year I must say that I am still as happy as when I first joined the team. The continuing support from the Partners of the firm, together with the assessable case management system, allows me to concentrate on providing an exceptional service for my clients without worrying about the “housekeeping” side of things. I was most concerned when I became a Consultant, as the imagine is that of being a one-man band under an umbrella name; however, I soon learnt that this was not the case. Both Raanan and Stewart are ‘hands on’ when it comes to assisting the Consultants with their work load and holding regular meetings with each Consultant to ensure that we feel supported. Fiona Bee, Consultant at Berlad Graham LLP