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Don’t assume the Order can’t be varied!

Added by Berlad Graham
January 9, 2017

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Christine McNeish has recently advised me, and represented me at Telford County Court, on a very complicated application to the Court to oppose enforcement proceedings brought by my former wife relating to a previous Order of the Court.  She also sought to have the original Order varied, despite it running until October 2017, so that I made no more payments under it in the light of the circumstances of the case.  I am aware that Christine carried out a considerable amount of research into issues which may have come before the Courts only occasionally, if at all, in the past.

I was also very impressed by the way in which she carried out pre-hearing discussions with the other side and, indeed, was able to negotiate a settlement which was very acceptable to me.

I would be pleased to recommend her to any clients who face similar difficulties with a greedy former wife.  Mr Martin Edwards